Hunger games ramblings

This meat of this book is about the “hunger games”. Obviously. The games is a device for the Capitol (the government entity in the book) to handle the districts. It is basically a reality show where kids kill each other off in an arena. The book is about survival, showbiz (kind of! really!), manipulation, rebellion, war, and political entities (this actually becomes more evident in the later books). Very meaty, the kind you can discuss in class or write a book report on. Not to sat it is boring because it is not! I hardly put it down even in the office (shhh).

It is written in first person, the narrator being Katnis. She is fiercely loyal to her sister Prim (notice I did not say family?). Katnis can be really stubborn, ill tempered, rebellious, but also passive agressive it can be annoying. Although I can’t really be completely annoyed because suddenly she does something just a tad bit redeeming. That and I can’t really care enough for the other characters to be annoyed at her for them. Why? Let’s just say Katnis has a poor sense of other people around her, and since she’s the one narrating the story it is difficult to go into the other characters completely. Or we can say Prim and Gale characters are a little underdeveloped for my taste.

There is a love triangle element to the story but it is tactically used to strengthen the political theme. Love is not the point of the story, actually i’d say Katnis would call her feelings confusion rather than love. I understand given her circumstances but she does not wear it well most of the time. She needs hope.

I enjoyed the narrative on the forests and the strategies for survival. I usually like conversations more in a book so I found myself surprised to be enjoying it mid-paragraph. The author wrote those well for my imagination.

Overall this was a good read, it was hard to put down. The events are interesting and exciting even if I could not decide if I really liked Katnis… Kind of like how i feel about some celebrity reality shows. I finished the book in three [work]days and immediately moved on the next book once finished, which in hindsight I should not have done. I should have dwelled on it a bit just for fun :)