Charlie St. Cloud Ramblings

This is a story about living through death and life itself. It is mostly a love story but conflicted with death, and family loyalty done not exactly right. I skipped most of the boat sailing descriptions (sorry!) because I had trouble imagining the ropes and sails and nautical jargon. I gathered Tess was good at it and that was enough for me. Charlie was very interesting with all his random trivia, big -brother-ness and just a touch of handsome awkwardness (oh yeaaah, The Used song title, not getting paid for random advertising). Sam was a kid, mostly… And then cute all grown up, I just got that vibe. By the way, the idea of crossing over and becoming just the right age was nice. Ideal and comforting. I liked it. I was comforted ;) I loved the moral lesson of the story. It was a nice reminder, to keep living and moving forward with all of your abilities. I watched the movie and this was a bit lost to me. I only got the “moving on” part in the movie, the living on was only Tess and not about being your true self and fulfilling your potential (Charlie getting a nice new job as a paramedic) or maybe I missed some scenes. The ending and the beginning of the book was different from the movie but aside from that I am satisfied with adaptation. I rarely read the book after watching the movie, it’s usually the other way around for me. I thought whatever I did first (read/watch) I’d like better (book/movie). Apparently I’m not that simple, hah!! For this, I watched the movie first but enjoyed the book better. :)